The Fragile


The troubled past.

Since the Eradication, the world of the kindred has been thrown into chaos. As much as the Camarilla would like to claim that the plan went off without a hitch, it clearly didn’t.
Los Angeles, formerly an Anarch stronghold, succumbed quite rapidly to the Camarilla takeover. Without centralized leadership or any real form of coordination, the Anarchs stood little chance against a carefully planned Camarilla assault. This is not to say that the aggressors didn’t suffer any losses, but in the end, cooler heads prevailed.

Of the Anarch factions active in LA at the time of the Eradication, there were those that fought, and there were those that realized that to survive, they must throw in their lot with the Camarilla, or perish. Of the latter, two Anarch elders emerged to take their seat at the table with the newly appointed Amari Prince Talbot: Jeremy MacNeil, and Christoper Houghton. Talbot offered them a seat at the table under Camarilla rule, his rule. They accepted, agreeing to keep their people in check.
Since then, the city’s kindred have aligned themselves to one of the three factions in the city. Talbot’s powerful Camarilla newcomers, MacNeil’s former Anarchs or Houghton’s Traditionalists.
In a move that cemented his power in LA, Prince Talbot created a council of Primogen from the elders of all three factions, ensuring that his advisors would represent the span of all corners of his domain, and create a balance of power.

This is how the city now stands. But a quarter of the world’s vampires now remain. Wading through the ashes of their self-wrought war, picking over the spoils. Since then the kindred of LA have been cleaning up and attempting to return to a sense of order.

When the PCs were presented to the Primogen Council, it became clear to them that they had a use. As outsiders and strays, they would be an ideal team for the tasks that needed doing off the books. The tasks that would otherwise draw attention to them and the Prince.

Instructing them to answer directly to Christos Montero, the Seneschal, they would be given ‘missions’ as needed. Montero being too busy with his nightly affairs, has assigned Ariane, a neonate, to act as a liaison between himself and the coterie.



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