Dean Rockwell

Bad-Ass Biker


Generation: 9th

Clan: City Ennoia

Sire: Rosa “Rose” Hernandez

Nature: Rogue

Demeanour: Rebel

Strength (Explosive)0000 Charisma000 Perception00
Dexterity000 Manipulation00 Intelligence00
Stamina (Determined)0000 Appearance000 Wits00

Alertness00 Craft (Mechanic)000 Law0
Athletics000 Drive000 English000
Brawl000 Firearms000 Spanish000
Intimidation00 Melee00
Streetwise00 Larceny0

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Celerity000 Generation0000 Conscience000
Obfuscate00 Resources00 Self-Control000
Protean000 Allies00 Courage0000
Fortitude00 Mentor00

00000 0
Aura: Normalcy (0)


00000 00000
Spend 2/turn

Clan Weakness:
Whenever a City Ennoia frenzies, he gains a temporary bestial feature of some kind (which may replace an existing temporary one). The mechanical impact of such a feature is up to Storyteller discretion. City Ennoia tend to develop features reminiscent of the animals commonly found in urban environments — rats, dogs, cats, pigeons, and even insects.

Merits: Daredevil

Flaws: Short Fuse, Hunted

Resources: You can display yourself as a member in good standing of the middle class, with the occasional gift and indulgence seemly for a person of even higher station. You can maintain a servant or hire specific help as necessary. A fraction of your resources are available in cash, readily portable property (like jewelry or furniture), and other valuables (such as a car or modest home) that let you maintain a standard of living at the one-dot level wherever you happen to be, for up to six months.

Allies: Hell’s Angels Biker Gang and their leader Jonah Hunter

Mentor: Salvador Garcia


Initiative: 5 (Add 3C)

Brawl 6/6B (Add 3C)
Melee 3/6L (Add 3C)
Firearms 6 (Add 3C)
Colt M 1911a1: Damage 5; Range 25; Rate 3; Clip 9+1; Conceal J
Remington 870 12 Gauge: Damage 8; Range 20; Rate 3; Clip 6+1; Conceal T

Dodge 6 (Add 3C)
Soak 6L/2A
with Armoured T-Shirt: 8L/4A (fangs and claws). Armour Penalty: 1

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 14 yds, Run: 29 yds/14 yds

Apparent Age: mid 30’s

Date of Birth: 1974

Date of Embrace: 2005

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 6’2’’

Weight: 242lbs


Dean Rockwell

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