Dimitri Yevgeni Dovgopoly

Reformed Russian Mobster


Clan: Assamite – Sorcerer Caste

Sire: Mustafa Abdallah Ibn Haqim Abu Munir al Shami

Generation: 8th

Nature: Penitent

Demeanour: Eye of the Storm

Strength000 Charisma00 Perception (Attentive)0000
Dexterity (Reflexes)0000 Manipulation000 Intelligence000
Stamina000 Appearance0 Wits000

Alertness00 Drive0 Finance0
Athletics000 Firearms000 Occult000
Awareness0 Melee00 Russian000
Brawl00 Larceny0 English00
Empathy0 Stealth0 Turkish0
Intimidation0 Survival0 Arabic0

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Auspex00 Generation00000 Conscience0000
Obfuscate00 Resources0000 Self-Control000
Celerity00 Mentor00 Courage000
Assamite Sorcery00 Retainer000
Path of Blood00 Allies00
Hunter’s Winds0 Domain (+1 Security)00000 0
Whispers of the Heavens0

00000 0
Bearing: Normalcy (0)

00000 00

00000 00000
Spend 3/turn

Clan Weakness:
The line as a whole has practiced the art for so long that it permeates their blood, making each individual sorcerer stand out like a beacon to anyone with supernatural perception. Any use of a supernatural power on a sorcerer for purposes of perception enjoys a -2 difficulty. Additionally, attempts to penetrate a sorcerer’s supernatural concealment using an opposed power are considered to operate one level higher than normal (so a character with Auspex 2 trying to penetrate a sorcerer’s Obfuscate has an effective Auspex of 3).

Level 1:
Warding Baptism
Defense of the Sacred Haven
Wake with Evening’s Freshness
Communicate with Kindred Sire
Deflection of Wooden Doom
Engaging the Vessel of Transference
Sanguineous Phial

Level 2:
Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion
Donning the Mask of Shadows
Steps of the Terrified

Merits: Iron Will

Flaws: Nightmares, Enemy, Eerie Presence, Prey Exclusion (Muslims)

Resources: Funds coming in from organized crime enterprises in Russia.
Comfortable. You are a prominent and established member of your community, with land and an owned
dwelling, and you have a reputation that lets you draw on credit at very generous terms. You likely have more
tied up in equity and property than you do in ready cash. You can maintain a one-dot quality of existence wherever
you are without difficulty, for as long as you choose.

Ludmila Zubkov

Boris “Topor” Uljanov, including all of the Bratva in Odessa and Servastopol
Armenian Power Boss, including all of those Armenian Power members under his control.

Content Not Found: mustafa-abdallah-ibn-haqim-abu-munir-al-shami

A neighbourhood of Los Angeles called Little Armenia; It contains nightclubs, strip bars, restaurants, Armenian/Russian grocery stores, gun stores, pharmacies, an emergency clinic and a blood bank.

Havens: cheap rented 3-room flop on the 3rd floor with direct access to closed-off garage located near Khalid’s appartment. Group Haven office building.

Initiative: 7 (Add 2C)

Brawl 6 (Add 2C)/3B
Melee 6 (Add 2C)/3L
Firearms 7 (Add 2C)
Glock 20 10mm: Damage 4; Range 30; Rate 3; Clip 15; Conceal P
Kalashnikov AK-47: Damage 7; Range 150; Rate 3/FA; Clip 30; Conceal N
SVD Dragunov 7.62mm RL: Damage 7; Range 650; Rate 1; Clip 10; Conceal N
- Hollowpoint rounds: +2 damage
- AP Incendiary rounds: Reduces Armour by half.

Dodge 7 (Add 2C)
Soak 3L/0A
with Armoured T-Shirt: 5L/2A (fangs and claws). Armour Penalty: 1
with Kevlar vest: 6L/3A (fangs and claws). Armour Penalty: 1

Move: Assuming you don’t pump your Dexterity, your speeds are:
Walk: 7 m, Jog: 16 m, Run: 34 m, Move + Attack: 16 m, Move while acting: -1 die from other action’s dice pool per meter moved.
Running: 41 km/hour.
If you burn 1 blood to run with Celerity 2 at full speed, you can run at 123km/hour. This lasts a turn in combat, or a scene out of combat.
Health levels affect movement.

Apparent Age: 26

Date of Birth: 1974

Date of Embrace: 2002

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Chestnut Brown

Height: 1.65m / 5’7’’

Weight: 74.8 kg / 165lbs


Dimitri Yevgeni Dovgopoly

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