Frederico DiPadua



Frederico resembles a mummified corpse, with perpetually dry and flaking skin. As he speaks, thin wisps of vellum-like skin simply fall from his features and disintegrate to dust, as new dry skin regenerates. His eyes are sunken and dark, his hair is all but gone.
He wears veils and shawls to cover his head and neck. When among those of the blood, he never disguises his features, in fact he proudly reveals them, almost an act of defiance.
His voice is a ragged whisper.


He is an enigmatic Archon in the service of the Nutha Justicar, Cock Robin.
He seems to have an Italian background, something that is heard in his mild accent.
There are those that say he was present during the founding of the Camarilla.

Frederico DiPadua

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