Gabriel "Gabe" Andrews

LAPD Inglewood Precinct Captain


Gabriel is an overweight man in his early 60’s, with receding hair and small beady eyes. He stands about 5’8" tall, and has a surly demeanor. He doesn’t tolerate insubordination.


Gabriel has been in the LAPD for 35 years, and is now a Captain. He went from the military straight into the force, and hasn’t looked back. The years haven’t been kind to him, however. The stresses of the job have taken their toll on his health. He has had heart trouble for years, and is also a type 2 Diabetic.
He plans on retiring soon, but hopes to make a name for himself before he goes.
Over the years, he has become embroiled in illegal activities with Michael. He is hoping that this will supplement his meager retirement fund.

Gabriel "Gabe" Andrews

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