Khalid Ibn Ahmed

Corporate Spy


Generation: 8th

Clan: AssamiteSorcerer Caste

Sire: Mustafa Abdallah Ibn Haqim Abu Munir al Shami

Nature: Visionary

Demeanour: Survivor

Strength00 Charisma00 Perception000
Dexterity (Reflexes)0000 Manipulation000 Intelligence (Analytical)0000
Stamina00 Appearance00 Wits00

Alertness0 Drive00 Academics0
Athletics00 Firearms00 Computer (Hacking)0000
Brawl0 Stealth00 Technology (Industrial Espionage)00
Empathy00 Survival00 Occult (Blood Magic)000
Expression0 Science0
Subterfuge0 Arabic000
Awareness0 English000

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Obfuscate00 Generation00000 Conscience000
Auspex00 Resources00 Self-Control000
Fortitude00 Contacts00 Courage0000
Assamite Sorcery0000 Herd0
Path of Blood (“Life’s Water”)0000 Retainers0
Path of Technomancy00
Lure of Flames (“Hand of the Magi”)0
Path of The Blood’s Curse00

00000 0
Bearing: Normalcy (0)

00000 000

00000 00000
Spend 3/turn

Clan Weakness:
The line as a whole has practiced the art for so long that it permeates their blood, making each individual sorcerer stand out like a beacon to anyone with supernatural perception. Any use of a supernatural power on a sorcerer for purposes of perception enjoys a -2 difficulty. Additionally, attempts to penetrate a sorcerer’s supernatural concealment using an opposed power are considered to operate one level higher than normal (so a character with Auspex 2 trying to penetrate a sorcerer’s Obfuscate has an effective Auspex of 3).

Level 1:
Purity of the Flesh
Wake with Evening’s Freshness
Deflection of Wooden Doom
Purge the inner demon

Level 2:
Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion
Steps of the Terrified
Donning the Mask of Shadows

Level 3:
Incorporeal Passage
Blood Allergy

Merits: Eidetic Memory, Hidden Diablerie, Computer Aptitude.

Flaws: Hunted

IT Specialist friend working at Google – Mohammed Nader
Corporate Lawyer – Steven Morgan Jr.

Bodyguard – Former S.A.S. Sergeant Reggie James

Resources: You can display yourself as a member in good standing of the middle class, with the occasional gift and indulgence seemly for a person of even higher station. You can
maintain a servant or hire specific help as necessary. A fraction of your resources are available in cash, readily portable property (like jewelry or furniture), and other valuables (such as a car or modest home) that let you maintain a standard of living at the one-dot level wherever you happen to be, for up to six months.

Gaming group

Apartment in Venice

Initiative: 6

Brawl 5/2B
Melee 4/2L
Firearms 6

Glock 22: Damage 5; Range 25; Rate 4; Clip 15+1; Conceal J

Dodge 6
Soak 2L/0A
with Armoured T-Shirt: 4L/2A (fangs and claws). Armour Penalty: 1

Move: Assuming you don’t pump your Dexterity, your speeds are:
Walk: 7 m, Jog: 16 m, Run: 32 m, Move + Attack: 16 m, Move while acting: -1 die from other action’s dice pool per meter moved.
Running: 38 km/hour.
Health levels affect movement.

Apparent Age: 26

Date of Birth: 07/07/1974

Date of Embrace: 07/07/2005

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Black

Height: 5’8’’

Weight: 165lbs


Born in Jordan to a middle class family in 7/7/74 educated at the British school in Amman and went on to study CS in the UK. Started working for an oil company as a programmer/hacker and graduated to corporate spy.

Bumped into sire which led to ghouldom for several years followed by an embrace on his birthday/deathday (7/7/2005).

apparent age is still 26, Khalid is 175cm tall 75 kg has dark hair and eyes.

Khalid Ibn Ahmed

The Fragile noham