Enigmatic Elder


Lucretia is rarely seen in her true form. Her mastery of obfuscate is such that most meetings with her are unique.
If one would be unfortunate enough to gaze upon her true face, it would be horrifying.
Her body resembles that of a small girl, wearing random clothes scrounged from the corners of the city. Her skin is covered in boils and pustules.
Her mouth is filled with rows of needle sharp teeth, her face is sunken and pale. Her wisps of lingering hair are thin and white, and her eyes are milky, bulging and wet.

That said, those that have met her speak of her calm nature and erudite manner. She clearly is more than the sum of her parts.


Not much is known about her political aspirations or interests. Her comings and goings are shrouded in shadows. It is assumed that she has some influence within the sect.


The Fragile Avanpallandt