Michael MacCauley

Bank Robber


Clan: Lasombra Antitribu

Sire: Dr. Julius Sutphen (Deceased)

Generation: 9th (through Diablerie)

Nature: Rogue

Demeanour: Rebel

Strength000 Charisma00 Perception000
Dexterity (Reflexes)0000 Manipulation000 Intelligence00
Stamina000 Appearance00 Wits000

Alertness00 Drive00 Computer0
Athletics00 Firearms000 Area Knowledge00
Brawl000 Melee00 Law0
Intimidation00 Larceny000 English000
Streetwise000 Stealth00 Spanish00
Subterfuge00 Demolitions0

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Celerity00 Allies0 Conscience000
Dominate00 Contacts00 Self-Control000
Obtenebration00 Generation0000 Courage0000
Potence000 Status0

00000 0
Bearing: Normalcy (0)

00000 00

00000 00000
Spend 2/turn

Clan Weakness: Casts no Reflection.

Merits: N/A

Flaws: Vengeful

Biker Gang Leader – Jonah Hunter, Barstow Hell’s Angels Chapter

Fence – Mallik “Lil’ M”
LAPD Inglewood Precinct Captain – Gabriel “Gabe” Andrews

Status: Accorded some recognition for destroying his Sabbat sire Dr. Julius Sutphen.

Lawyer – Alice Nguyen
Fixer – Ricardo Gomez

Resources: Strip Club, Used Car Lot, Heists.
You are an established member of your neighbourhood, with owned property, and you have a reputation that lets you draw on credit at very generous terms, from the right sources. You likely have more tied up in equity and property than you do in ready cash. You can maintain a one-dot quality of existence wherever you are without difficulty, for as long as you choose.

Havens: Strip Club, Apartment in Santa Monica

Initiative: 7 (Add 2C)

Brawl 7/6B (Add 2C)
Melee 6/6L (Add 2C)
Firearms 7 (Add 2C)
Colt M 1911a1: Damage 5; Range 25; Rate 3; Clip 9+1; Conceal J
Benelli Super 90 12 Gauge: Damage 8; Range 20; Rate 3; Clip 7+1; Conceal T
M4 Carbine: Damage 7; Range 120; Rate 15; Clip 20+1; Conceal T

Dodge 6 (Add 2C)
Soak 3L/0A

Move: Assuming you don’t pump your Dexterity, your speeds are:
Walk: 7 m, Jog: 16 m, Run: 34 m, Move + Attack: 16 m, Move while acting: -1 die from other action’s dice pool per meter moved.
Running: 41 km/hour.
If you burn 1 blood to run with Celerity 2 at full speed, you can run at 123km/hour. This lasts a turn in combat, or a scene out of combat.
Health levels affect movement.

Apparent Age: 30

Date of Birth: 1974

Date of Embrace: 2005

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Height: 1.90m / 6’4’’

Weight: 111kg / 245lbs


Michael grew up on the streets of the East LA sprawl, probably the only child of a sometime stripper, oftentime junkie, biker gang hanger-on. He jacked his first car aged nine, and was locked up by thirteen. Inside he learnt to look after himself, learnt Spanish, and who could teach him a trade: taking down scores, also known as armed robbery.

Over the next dozen or so years, he got inked, got blooded and got a reputation. He spent it as much in as out of prison, eventually being sent down for a long bit at Pelican Bay, the only guy on the crew caught during the getaway from a bank robbery in which a security guard was shot.

Inside, his MS-13 ink got him in trouble in the yard, and he shanked a member of the Aryans to get them off his back, landing him in solitary. Which is where Sutphen found him, and embraced him.

The Sabbat descended on Pelican Bay, intending to embrace cannon-fodder for their war with the Camarilla. Michael seemed like the perfect recruit: tough, and angry. He was. They just had no idea he’d be so angry with them, for making him a junkie as dependent as his mother.

At the first opportunity, he fled his new masters, joined up with the Camarilla, passed the loyalty tests set him, and proceeded to take revenge. Lots of it. Eventually, his assault team tracked Sutphen to his haven in Phoenix, and Michael diablerized him.

Since the war’s end, he has returned to LA, set himself up with a few old contacts, and found a place for himself. What came next? Well, that’s another story…

Michael MacCauley

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