Mustafa Abdallah Ibn Haqim Abu Munir al Shami

Sorcerer Mentor


Mustafa appears to be in his late 30’s. He is of above average height, and tends to favour the garb of his native Arabia. His features are care-worn and weathered, although his eyes are soft and kind. He speaks softly, with measured care. When in the west, he wears suits or traditional robes.


Mustafa is Dimitri’s and Khalid’s sire. He fled the halls of his clan during the Schism following the awakening of ancient powers there.
A wise and deeply pious Muslim, he seeks understanding and tries to maintain a devout existence despite his condition.

His exodus from the middle east, has not been without turmoil and danger. Since leaving his brethren behind during the height of the Schism, he has made his way to the new world, to seek answers and protection from the Camarilla.

Mustafa Abdallah Ibn Haqim Abu Munir al Shami

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