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  • John Talbot

    Prince Talbot has not been seen since the last days of the Eradication. He has remained out of sight, evidently handing control of the city's smooth running to his trusted Seneschal and the Council of Primogen.

  • Craig McCullough

    He is ridiculously wealthy, thanks to his business acumen over the centuries. He seems to have his fingers in every pie. He seems to have many contacts in transportation. He keeps a magnificent penthouse apartment in Downtown LA, where he hosts lavish …

  • Henri Waters

    His love for history and classical music have made him well liked amongst the kindred of the city. His knowledge of ancient artifacts, art history and music have placed him in an alliance with the Prince himself, who apparently shares many of his …

  • Mariel St. John

    Mariel is a published author on the subject of History centered around the Anglo-French Wars in the New World. Her work has earned her some acclaim, although not enough to cause any upsets. Her book has afforded her some worldly comforts and the respect …

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