• Reginald "Reggie" James

    A former sergeant in the S.A.S., he was discharged after his third tour in Afghanistan. He witnessed the horrors of war up close and personal, and was left with a lot of trauma to process. It was like this that Khalid found him. He is [[:khalid-ibn- …

  • Dr. Julius Sutphen

    This Sabbat vampire embraced [[:michael-mccauley|Michael]] during a raid on Pelican Bay prison for shovelhead recruits. He was diablerized by his own childe.

  • Ravenous girl

    She was kept confined in the minivan at Red Rock, where she was dicovered by Khalid. She died in the ensuing fight. Khalid managed to discover she was a childe of [[:maciej-zarnovich|Maciej Zarnovich]].

  • Don Sebastian

    Don Sebastian was the Herement Prince of Los Angeles from it's early days as a small settlement, until his death during the Anarch Revolt in 1944. He was known to be a proud, conservative man, who let his rise in status and esteem within the Camarilla …

  • Adriano Tramontana

    He kills for money. Was hired by Henry Stapleton to kill Calvin Queller. Calvin flew him out to Death Valley and executed him.

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