Character Discipline Summary


Beasts grow distinctly agitated in the presence of a vampire who lacks this Discipline or the Skill of Animal Ken, often to the point of attacking or running from the vampire. In contrast, vampires possessing Animalism exude a dominant vibe to lower creatures, which attracts them.

O: Feral Whispers Requires eye contact with the animal, which must be maintained during the entire communication.
This power is the basis from which all other Animalism abilities grow. The vampire creates an empathic connection with a beast, thereby allowing him to communicate or issue simple commands.

No Roll needed to talk to an animal.
Issuing commands requires a roll of Manipulation + Animal Ken.
The difficulty depends on the creature:
Predatory mammals (wolves, cats, vampire bats) are difficulty 6
Other mammals and predatory birds (rats, owls) are difficulty 7
Other birds and reptiles (pigeons, snakes) are difficulty 8.
This difficulty is reduced by one if the character speaks to the animal in its “native tongue,” and can be adjusted further by circumstances and roleplaying skill.
The number of successes the player achieves dictates how strongly the character’s command affects the animal.
One success is sufficient to have a cat follow an individual and lead the character to the same location,
three successes are enough to have a raven spy on a target for weeks,
and five successes ensure that a grizzly ferociously guards the entrance to the character’s wilderness haven for some months.

The character’s Nature plays a large part in how he approaches these conversations. The character might try intimidating, teasing, cajoling, or rationalizing. The player should understand that he does not simply play his character in these situations, but the Beast Within as well.

The simpler the creature, the more difficult it becomes to connect with the animal’s Beast. Mammals, predatory birds, and larger reptiles are relatively easy to communicate with. Insects, invertebrates, and most fish are just too simple to connect with.
Feral Whispers provides no guarantees that an animal will want to deal with the vampire, nor does it ensure that the animal will pursue any requests the vampire makes of it.
If the vampire successfully uses the power, the animal performs the command to the best of its ability and intellect.
Using this power cannot force an animal to do something against its nature, or to force a creature to risk its life.

OO: Beckoning – Roll Charisma + Survival (difficulty 6)
The vampire’s connection to the Beast grows strong enough that he may call out in the voice of a specific type of animal — howling like a wolf, shrilling like a raven, etc. This call mystically summons creatures of the chosen type. Since each type of animal has a different call, Beckoning works for only a single species at a time.
All such animals within earshot are summoned, and some percentage of them will heed the Beckoning if it is successful. While the vampire has no further control over the beasts who answer, the animals who do are favorably disposed toward him and are at least willing to listen to the Kindred’s concerns.
Only animals that can hear the cry will respond. If the Storyteller decides no animals of that type are within earshot, the summons goes unanswered. The call can be as specific as the player desires. A character could call for all bats in the area, for only the male bats nearby, or for only the albino bat with the notched ear he saw the other night.

1 success: A single animal responds.
2 successes: One-quarter of the animals within earshot respond.
3 successes: Half of the animals respond.
4 successes: Most of the animals respond.
5 successes: All of the animals respond.

OOO: Quell the Beast
Roll Manipulation + Intimidation if forcing down the Beast through fear, or Manipulation + Empathy if soothing it into complacency. Diff 7.
Using this power a Vampire may assert his will over a mortal (animal or human) subject, subduing the Beast within her. This quenches all powerful, strong emotions — hope, fury, love, fear — within the target. The Kindred must either touch his subject or stare into her eyes to channel his will effectively.
This is an extended action requiring as many total successes as the target has Willpower. Failure indicates that the player must start over from the beginning, while a botch indicates that the vampire may not affect that subject’s Beast for the remainder of the scene.

When a mortal’s Beast is cowed or soothed, she can no longer use or regain Willpower. She ceases all struggles, whether mental or physical. She doesn’t even defend herself if assaulted, though the Storyteller may allow a Willpower roll if the mortal believes her life is
truly threatened. To recover from this power, the mortal’s player rolls Willpower (difficulty 6) once per day until she accumulates enough successes to equal the vampire’s Willpower. Kindred cannot be affected by this power.

Though a vampire’s Beast cannot be cowed with this ability, the Storyteller may allow characters to use the “soothing” variation of this power to pull a vampire out of frenzy. With three or more successes, the frenzying vampire may roll again to pull herself out of frenzy, using
the same difficulty as the stimulus that caused the frenzy originally.


House Rule: Vampires with Auspex are attuned to the proximity of other Undead. Using even the most basic form of this Discipline, a Vampire will be able to sense other Vampires, Ghouls and Revenants nearby. The higher the level of the discipline, the further this sense extends. Vampires with Obfuscate can counter this ability.

Sudden sensory input can disorient Auspex users unless they make a Willpower roll (diff 4) to block them out. The more potent the source, the higher the difficulty. Failure means the character is oblivious to her surroundings for a turn or two.

O: Heightened Senses – Effectively doubles senses. No roll. At will.
Exceptions: You can reduce the diff of a regular Perception roll by the character’s Auspex rating, when trying to detect an Obfuscated person or a threat. Diff varies.

You can heighten one specific sense, instead of all of them, reducing the difficulty to percieve stimuli by 1 more, but this increases the difficulty to avoid distraction and bedazzlement by 1.

Does not allow to see in pitch black darkness. But reduces penalties from +2 to +1

OO: Aura Perception – Perception + Empathy Diff 8
1 – can see only shades
2 – can see the main colour
3 – can see the colour patterns
4 – can see subtle shifts
5 – can see all patterns and colours

No retry for a month. Failures are botches and will give a false reading.
You can use this power to see the auras of invisible beings and detect other Supernaturals.

Can be used to perform a cursory aura scan of a crowd to seek out specific auras.

The character may focus in on a particular subject’s aura only once per scene with any degree of clarity. Any subsequent attempts that result in failure should be considered botches. It is very easy for the character to imagine seeing what she wants to see when judging someone’s intentions. After 24 hours, the character may try again at no penalty.

OOO: Spirit’s Touch – Perception + Empathy (Diff determined by the age of the impression and the mental and spiritual strength of the being that left them)
The reader goes into a shallow trance – he doesn’t notice much of the world around him.

Successes Information

Botch The character is overwhelmed by psychic impressions for the next 30 minutes and unable to act.
Failure No information of value.

1 success Very basic information: the last owner’s gender or hair color, for instance.

2 successes A second piece of basic information.

3 successes More useful information about the last owner, such as age and state of mind the last time he used the item.

4 successes The person’s name.

5+ successes A wealth of information: nearly anything you want to know about the person’s relationship with that object is available.

OOOO: Telepathy – Intelligence + Subterfuge (Diff is subject’s Willpower)

Projecting thoughts (1 success needed), the target knows they are not his own but cannot tell who or where they are from

Read Minds (1 success per item of information recovered or layer of thought pierced)

Doesn’t normally work on other undead or other supernaturals. Must expend 1 Willpower to try, then roll as normal.

Describe the thoughts in terms of image sequences…not prose.


Each point of Celerity adds one die to every Dexterity-related dice roll. In addition, the player can
spend one blood point to take an extra action up to the number of dots he has in Celerity at the beginning of the relevant turn; this expenditure can go beyond her normal Generation maximum.

Any dots used for extra actions, however, are no longer available for Dexterity- related rolls during that turn. These additional actions must be physical (e.g., the vampire cannot use a
mental Discipline like Dominate multiple times in one turn), and extra actions occur at the end of the turn (the vampire’s regular action still takes place per her initiative roll).

Normally, a character without Celerity must divide their dice if she wants to take multiple actions in a single turn. A character using Celerity performs his extra actions (including full movement) without penalty, gaining a full dice pool for each separate action. Extra actions gained through Celerity may not in turn be split into multiple actions, however.


Doesn’t affect vampires of lower generation. If you botch an attempt, the subject is immune to your attempts for the rest of the story.

Must have eye contact.
A target trying to avoid eye contact can make a Willpower roll against a difficulty equal to Dominate user’s Manipulation + Intimidation (or other appropriate combination for other Disciplines or specific situations, at the Storyteller’s discretion). The difficulty may be reduced for mitigating factors: -1 in the case of the target obscuring his eyes slightly (such as closing her eyes or wearing dark sunglasses) up to a -3 for the eyes being completely unseen (such as with a thick blindfold or having her eyes torn out). Ultimately, however, it is up to the Storyteller to decide whether eye contact is established in a particular case.

Only one subject at a time. The subject must understand the verbal or non-verbal commands.

O: Command – Manipulation + Intimidation (Diff target’s current Willpower)
One word command that must be obeyed instantly.
Cannot command subject to harm himself.
more successes = better result.
Remember, too, that being commanded to against one’s Nature confounds the use of this power. Being told to “sleep!” in a dangerous situation or “attack!” in police custody may not have the desired effect, or indeed, any effect at all.

OO: Mesmerize – Manipulation + Leadership (Diff target’s current Willpower)
Implant a suggestion in subject’s mind. Requires intense concentration and precise wording to be effective. Implanted thought can be triggered immediately, or later.
Only one suggestion per person

1-2 successes = nothing too strange
3-4 successes = anything unless it endangers the subject
5 successes = nearly any sort of command

No matter how strong the Kindred’s will, his command cannot force the subject to harm herself directly or defy her innate Nature. So, while a vampire who scored five successes could make a 98-pound weakling attack a 300-pound bouncer, he could not make the mortal shoot herself in the head.
If a vampire tries to Mesmerize a subject before the target fulfills a previously implanted directive, compare the successes rolled to those gained during the implanting of the first suggestion. whichever roll had the greater number of successes is the command that now governs in the target’s behavior; the other suggestion is wiped clean. If the successes rolled are equal, the newer command supplants the old one.

OOO: The Forgetful Mind – Wits + Subterfuge (Diff = to the target’s current Willpower points).
After capturing the subject’s gaze, the vampire delves into the subject’s memories, stealing or re-creating them at his whim. Does not allow telepathic contact.
Any success pacifies the victim for the amount of time it takes the vampire to perform the verbal alteration, provided the vampire does not act aggressively toward her. The table below indicates the degree of modification possible to the subject’s memory. If the successes rolled don’t allow for the extent of change the character desired, the Storyteller reduces the resulting impact on the victim’s mind.
A vampire can also sense when a subject’s memories were altered through use of this power, and even restore them, as a hypnotist draws forth suppressed thoughts.

Successes Result:

1 success May remove a single memory; lasts one day.
2 successes May remove, but not alter, memory permanently.
3 successes May make slight changes to memory.
4 successes May alter or remove entire scene from subject’s memory.
5 successes May reconstruct entire periods of subject’s life.

To restore removed memories or sense false ones in a subject, the character’s Dominate rating must be equal to or higher than that of the vampire who made the alteration. In that situation, the player must make a Wits + Empathy roll (difficulty equal to the original vampire’s permanent Willpower rating) and score more successes than his predecessor did. However, the Kindred cannot use The Forgetful Mind to restore his own memories if they were stolen in such a way.


A character’s rating in Fortitude adds to his Stamina for the purposes of soaking normal damage
(bashing and lethal). A character with this Discipline may also use his dots in Fortitude to soak aggravated damage, though Kindred cannot normally soak things like tooth and claw attacks by other supernaturals , magical effects, fire, sunlight, or massive physical trauma.
House Rule: By spending one blood, the vampire can automatically soak Bashing and Lethal damage for one turn.


House Rule: Vampires with Auspex are attuned to the proximity of other Undead (see Auspex). This ability is cancelled out passively by this discipline. Every point in Obfuscate cancels out one in Auspex. Only vampires with Auspex ratings higher than the target’s Obfuscate can detect them. Active Obfuscate powers automatically cancel out this Auspex ability.

Sometimes animals or innocents can sense (and fear) those using this discipline on an instinctive level.
Does not require effort to maintain.
Typically vampires using Obfuscate must be within a short range of their witnesses (approximately five yards or meters per dot of Wits + Stealth) for their power to be effective.
Lasts for a scene or as long as it is maintained.
Doesn’t fool electronic recording devices.

O: Cloak of Shadows – No Roll.
Requires nearby shadows, cover and no direct lighting. The character must remain still and silent.

OO: Unseen Presence – No Roll unless the character draws attention to himself or speaks.
ST might call for a Wits + Stealth (Diff varies) roll in situations in which the character might reveal himself.
If Character reveals himself, bystanders get a Wits + Alertness (diff 7) roll to snap out of it and remember all the vamp has done so far in the area as if he was never cloaked.


Use of this discipline is frowned upon by the Camarilla as it’s usually a blatant breach of the Masquerade.
Vampires using Obtenebration can see through the darkness they control, though other vampires (even those that also have Obtenebration) cannot.

O: Shadow Play – No Roll. Spend 1 Blood to activate. One target at a time.
Lasts one scene. No concentration required.
Using it for stealth gives user +1 die to stealth dice pools and adds 1 diff to ranged weapon attacks against user.
Can cloak a relatively motionless group of people.
Using it to induce terror gives user +1 die to intimidation dice pools
People accosted by shadows get -1 die to soak and stamina dice pools
Mortals reduced to 0 stamina choke.

All mortals and animals seeing the effect must make a courage roll (diff 8) or suffer a 1 die penalty to all dice pools for the scene.


Each dot that the vampire has in Potence adds one die to all Strength-related dice rolls. Further, the player can spend one blood point and change his Potence dice into an equal number of automatic successes to all Strength-related rolls for the turn. In melee and brawling combat, successes from Potence (either rolled or automatic) are applied to the damage roll


Conveys a mystique to the vampire. He will stand out in a crowd (drawing interest and desire simply by being there)
Anyone can resist Presence for 1 turn by spending 1 Willpower and rolling Willpower (Diff 8) – this must be done each turn you can see the vampire. (turning around to stop looking is ok – mortals rarely think of this)
If the onlooker is 3 or more generations lower than the user, he need only spend 1 Willpower.

O: Awe – Spend 1 Blood, and roll Charisma + Performance (Diff 7)
Increases magnetism, sways opinions in user’s favour.

Successes determine how many people can be affected.
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 6
4 = 20
5 = Everyone who can see the vampire.

Can be shaken off as described above. When the points expended = # of successes, effect ends.


O: Eyes of the Beast – No roll. Takes a full turn to complete.
This power reduces all social rolls with mortals (+1 diff)

See in total darkness

OO: Feral Claws – At will. Takes a full turn to complete. Costs 1 Blood
Claws do Str +1 Aggravated.
Additionally, difficulties for all climbing rolls are reduced by 2.

OOO: Earth Meld – No roll. Takes a full turn to complete. Costs 1 Blood.
Submerge in bare earth (no other substance). Can’t move around.
Immune to daylight. Hard to detect (+2 diff). Disturbing the earth in which he sleeps ends effect.

The vampire must roll Humanity (diff 6) to rouse earlier than planned, or in case of danger.
Eruption causes blinding spray of dirt (+2 diff to all perception based rolls)
Vampire suffers a -2 to initiative the turn of erruption.

Assamite Sorcery / Dur An Ki:

Invoking a path power costs 1 Blood, and roll Willpower (Diff 3+Power level). Only 1 success required to invoke power.
Failed roll means power fails.
Botch indicates a permanent loss of 1 Willpower.

Path of Blood:

O: A Taste for Blood: Determine how much vitae remains, if he’s a vampire, when he fed, generation, 3 or more successes = tell if he’s committed diablerie.
The more successes, the more info.

OO: Blood Rage: Force another vampire to spend blood against his will. Touch is required,
May exceed generational limits.
Each success = 1 blood spent, and reduces the diff for Frenzy by 1.

OOO: Blood of Potency: May be used only once per night.
1 success = 1 generation gained for 1 hour. Each subsequent success = either 1 hour or 1 generation.

Hunter’s Winds:

O: Scent of Deception: Completely negate or alter one’s scent to throw off dogs etc.
Botches indicate his scent is amplified.

Whispers of the Heavens: Uses of this path require stars to be visible. (Diff +1 if overcast, +2 if stormy). Must see the sky.

O: Map the Skies: Divine location by looking at stars. Using a map helps to pinpoint. Otherwise position is relative to landmarks.
1 = Within 100 miles
2 = Within 10 miles
3 = Within 1 mile
4 = Within 250 yards
5 = Within 10 yards

The Path of Technomancy:

O: Analyze: Touch required.
Reveals how technological devices work. Also works on computer software – but must touch an active computer, and is at +2 diff.
Successes indicate amount of knowledge gained.
All information is fleeting. Lasting only 1 min/dot in Intelligence.

OO: Burnout: Range: Up to 10 x Willpower in yards. +1 Diff if not touching the item.
Causes a power surge in a device’s power supply.
Large items (mainframes, aircraft etc. +2 – +4 Diff)
Can affect stored info on HDs too.
Items with surge protection gain a soak roll (Diff 6) of 1-5 dice depending on level of protection.
1 = 1 turn of interruption. no permanent damage.
2 = Significant loss of function. +1 Diff to use item for rest of scene.
3 = Device breaks. Won’t work until repaired.
4 = Even after repairs, +1 diff to use item.
5 = Utter destruction of item

The Lure of Flames:
Conjure hellish flames.
Flames don’t damage until released. They can shed light.
1 success allows to conjure in hand, 5 = anywhere in sight.
Path level determines amount of flame produced
1 = Candle (diff 3 soak, 1 HL Agg. Dmg/turn)
2 = Palm (diff 4 soak, 1 HL Agg. Dmg/turn)
3 = Campfire (diff 5 soak, 2 HL Agg. Dmg/turn)
4 = Bonfire (diff 7 soak, 2 HL Agg. Dmg/turn)
5 = Inferno (diff 9 soak, 3 HL Agg. Dmg/turn)

Path of The Blood’s Curse:

O: Ravages of the Beast: Affects one target in line of sight.
Invoking this power coaxes the Beast to the surface within his target.
Subject must make a Frenzy check (Self-Control, difficulty 7). If the victim cannot resist the Beast, he immediately enters a frenzy the Story Teller deems appropriate to the situation.

Character Discipline Summary

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