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From the Herement perspective, when the sun fades, darkness gives rise to an eternal and wondrous world. Everything is fraught with wonder and terror, low politics and sensual glories, the profound and the profane, and an undeniable undercurrent of the sanguinary. These Kindred are the Herement, and they spend unlives ensconced in pleasure. Of course, for vampires of this disposition, it’s easy to become jaded and bitter. More than the other Clans, Herement often
succumb to ennui, or fight the eventual boredom of unchanging immortality by playing at rivalries. An excess of stimulation turns them into slaves to the sensations they seek. The most debased Herement can become true monsters, sinking to unimaginable levels of depravity in order to feel anything at all. They often involve themselves greatly in
the world of mortals for any number of reasons, whether enjoying proximity to the blush
of life, cultivating veritable cults of doting followers, or influencing and following the trends that their own kind simultaneously mock and venerate. To hear the Herement tell it, they are the Muses of a desperate mortal world, inspiring through their beauty or patronage. Herement culture is a mixture of sybarites, dilettantes, and visionaries. Some Herement, with echoes of mortal passion, Embrace lovers or “project” progeny who seem to fly in the face of every Herement custom. These either don’t last long or rise to great prominence as subversives
and individualists. Ideas, trends, and “the next great thing” spread through the Clan, and
other Kindred often look to the Toreador to guide them. The Degenerates know this, and many become Harpies, Princes, and other key figures in vampiric society.

Background: Many Herement hail from high-society or “bohemian” backgrounds. Indeed, many are themselves artists or influential among local art scenes or other subcultures. Actors, singers, musicians, sculptors, poets, playwrights, authors, and creative folk of any stripe may well find a home in the Clan, as do those who serve as patrons to (or travel in the entourages of)
those artistic types.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Weaknesses: When a Herement experiences something truly remarkable — a person, an objet d’art, a lovely sunrise — the player must make a Self-Control or Instinct roll (difficulty 6). Failure means that the Kindred finds herself enthralled by the experience. The dazzled Herement cannot act for the duration of the scene aside from commenting on or continuing their involvement with whatever has captured their attention. If the experience no longer affects her (whether by moving, being destroyed, or whatever is appropriate to the situation), the captivation ends. Enraptured Herement may not even defend themselves if attacked, though being wounded allows them to make another Self-Control or Instinct roll.

Known Herement include:

Christopher Houghton

Laurent de Breille

Joaquin Murietta

Selena de Marcos

Tessa Stevens

Victor Girard


The Fragile Avanpallandt