Political Factions of Los Angeles

Within the Camarilla of Los Angeles, there are three main political factions that seek to promote their agenda in this turbulent time following the Eradication. The Camarilla Loyalists, The Former Anarchs and The Traditionalists

The victorious Camarilla brought their Traditions, and their political machine into the vast sprawl of the city once dominated by bickering groups of Anarchs, roaming Sabbat packs and independents.
Two groups decided to join the Camarilla rather than to face extinction. This was a prudent move on their part, as it ensured their continued survival, albeit under the watchful eye of the Prince.

These groups were led by two elders, Jeremy MacNeil, former Anarch Baron of Los Angeles, and Christopher Houghton, an estranged elder who had shunned his ties to the Camarilla to create a new Utopia for vampires. That Utopia is, of course, LA.

There are of course also those who are new to the city, those that followed the Prince and settled in the wake of their victory into new territories and domains usurped from their enemies. These kindred are naturally loyal to the Prince and many were hand picked by him.

So it is then, that the kindred of the city gravitate to one faction or another, some remain neutral in their views, perhaps waiting for the right opportunity to reveal their true loyalties.

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Political Factions of Los Angeles

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