The Eradication

The War is over. The great Jyhad that raged for centuries between the Camarilla and the Sabbat over the fears of impending Gehenna and the awakening of the Antedelluvians is no more.

5 years ago, in a series of tactically brilliant strategies, the Camarilla destroyed the strongholds of the Sabbat. They isolated and destroyed their leadership and scattered the remaining survivors to the winds. The Camarilla has taken over the cities formerly in possession of the Sabbat, and now revel in their hour of victory. The Masquerade is in full effect and being enforced by the iron despotic rule of the Inner Circle.

The victory did not come cheaply though. Several powerful Camarilla kindred had to pay for it with their lives, meeting Final Death at the hands of the enemy. This has caused a great deal of upheaval in the Sect, as for the first time in centuries, the static hierarchy has been disrupted. Some speculate only a quarter of the worlds kindred survived. So great was the death toll, that some argue that this was the Gehenna that so many feared. In the guise of a bitterly fought, and hard-won war.

Little is known of the tactics or methods that were employed in these attacks, but the effect has been immediate. The Camarilla has nearly doubled it territories in North America, Mexico and seized the power bases of the Sabbat in Europe. The Camarilla now has the luxurious problem of assigning the newly acquired territories to their members, and many candidates have offered their services.

The victory is being celebrated and felt, but the world is far from safe for your kind. The vast territories that have been won are full of hidden dangers and shadows full of unknowns. The Sabbat as a sect is broken and scattered, but can an entity that big truly be completely annihilated? What kind of vengeance would the survivors be plotting?

And finally, given it’s massive losses, can the ivory tower of the Camarilla hold together the vast empire it has amassed, or will it crumble, like so many empires before it? Only time will tell….

The Eradication

The Fragile Avanpallandt