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Humanity and Degeneration have been codified more, and are inextricably linked to hunger and feeding. Here is an overview of those rules:

Mechanics Summarized:

Hunger = 7 – Self Control or Instinct
Gain 1 WP when feeding while hungry.
+1 diff on WP rolls for failing to feed
You may never roll more on Self Control or Instinct than you have Blood Pool.
You may never roll more on a Virtue than you have Humanity.

Diff varies. Roll varies depending on method used.
Domain and Fame reduce diff by 1/dot.
Herd adds 1 die/dot.
Inhuman vamps: +1 to 4 diff depending on severity.
If you feed while hungry, roll Frenzy check.

Frenzy check:
Roll Self Control: Provocation Diff varies according to table below. Vampires with Instinct always Frenzy.
Must get 5 successes. Each success below 5 holds off frenzy for 1 turn.
Failure: Gorge victim, emotional rampage, lose control.
Botch: Remains in Frenzy at ST’s discretion.

Frenzying vampires ignore Health level dice pool penalties. Cannot Rotschreck. Never roll WP.
Diff to mentally control at +2.
Diff to resist mental control at -2.

Degeneration check:
Conscience roll diff 8 (may not spend WP).
Failure: Loss of Humanity
Botch: Loss of Humanity and Conscience, gain derangement.

Appearing human:
Expenditure of Blood Points = 8 – Humanity.
Humanity 4 or less results in urges and impulses that must be resisted with Conscience rolls or WP expenditure.

Daytime: Dice Pools cannot exceed Humanity.

Humanity and Degeneration

Other important Rules:

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V20 Rules worth noting

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