The Fragile

Chapter 6

It's all in the details.

Los Angeles is quiet after the meeting. The streets seem calmer as the coterie ponders the repercussions of all that transpired and was said.
Arriving back at the haven they notice a rather obvious large black 1970’s Mercedes parked out front. It is immediately obvious to Dimitri who it belongs to. It seems his ghoul has arrived from the motherland.

Inside, Zhaba does his best to entertain Topor and Ludmila, but they don’t seem very receptive to his brand of humour, although the vodka seems to be going down easily. Dimitri quickly introduces his associates but wastes no time debriefing them. His ghoul Ludmila, a grotesque parody of femininity, smiles politely but insincerely. And Topor, a grizzled, stern looking Russian man, shows Dimitri the substantial arms shipment he has brought with him. It is clear that Dimitri is planning something large and deadly.

Not long after they arrive, Ludmila corners her dormitor, and humbly requests to be fed some of his glorious blood. He relents, slicing his wrist for her. She crumples weakly to the ground in a state of bliss.

Dimitri receives a phone call from Oyabun Shiraywa, to confirm that transfer of the domain of Little Armenia has been confirmed by the Primogen Council, and he is now free to do as he pleases as per their agreement.

Meanwhile, Khalid spends a few hours decrypting the files he got from the Yakuza hack and discovers some disturbing information. The drive he manages to decode contains vast lists of shipping data, manifests and illegal shipping to and from the port of Long Beach. One thing stands out in particular: an oil tanker registered to a fake holding company in Mexico City, called the “Sub Rosa”. Khalid shares his findings with the coterie.

Mustafa arrives at the haven to discuss some disturbing news concerning his former ghoul, James Khan. He explains that he is hunting Khalid, and by extension Dimitri and Mustafa too, on orders of the Assamites, who embraced him following his disappearance all those years ago.
Mustafa then proceeds to ward the haven as best he can against all manner of supernatural intrusion. He then joins Khalid in his lab to help him research rituals.

Archon DiPadua pays the coterie a visit.

The coterie discuss how to proceed with Phillipe given the circumstances, including using Calvin as bait to lure him out into the open.

Calvin goes to his downtown apartment, to clear his head and get some space. As he gazes out the window to the streets and buildings around him, he is shot. The bullet does little damage, and he immediately uses his senses to locate his would be assassin in a building down the street. He throws himself out the window and lands safely on a roof a few floors down. The hunter now becomes the hunted as Calvin finds the assassin. He corners and overpowers him with his gifts. He dominates him to betray his master, promising him 10 million dollars. The man does so, explaining that he was hired by Henry Stapleton, the father of his ex wife, out of vengeance for his daughter’s death. When asked his name, he confesses his name is Adriano Tramontana.
Calvin watches Adriano turn himself into the police downtown. He confirms that Adriano implicates Henry Stapleton. The police take his statement and put him in holding pending further investigation, but Calvin has his lawyers release him until formal charges are filed. Calvin flies him out to Death Valley in his helicopter, drives him out to the middle of nowhere, and executes him. The ends justify the means. He was going to kill Calvin after all….
Later he watches Henry Stapleton get arrested and being led out of an office building on tv.

Dimitri has Zhaba assert his authority in Little Armenia by having his men capture and execute the leaders of Armenian Power, effectively taking over that territory in the name of the Bratva. This act of mass murder, as necessary as it is for his greater plans, still weighs heavily on the penitent Dimitri. He can feel the bonds of his morality slipping and eroding as the sun rises once more over the city.



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