Anatoly Vasilivich "Zhaba" Guryanov

Russian Mob Enforcer


Anatoly Vasilivich Guryanov a.k.a. “Zhaba”, or “Toad” in Russian, is true to his moniker. He is a short, bald, repulsive looking creep with small, threatening eyes. He favours combat fatigues and boots, and wife-beaters. He is in excellent physical shape, a fact he is immensely proud of.


“Zhaba” is a street kid from Sevastopol, who grew up in a life of crime and violence. It wasn’t long until he joined the local crime syndicate and found his calling. He rose rapidly through the ranks, and today, he is an invaluable enforcer and wet-work specialist. To say he is a sociopath downplays the true depravity that is his soul.

He is Dimitri’s Ghoul

Anatoly Vasilivich "Zhaba" Guryanov

The Fragile Avanpallandt